Weel may the keel row

Weel may the keel row
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3 September 2019

It’s Scotland. It’s raining.

The plan was to take a drive around the island. If we spot something that we can see, without getting too wet, great. We just wanted to have an easy day, really.

Our first attempt was Duart Castle. But it was covered in scaffolding.

Then we tried a rather treacherous path to try and find Moy Castle. Nope – it seemed like castles were not our thing today. So we headed for Fionnphort, on the far Western end of Mull. Perhaps a bite to eat would be great. We stopped at the Keel Row, a quaint pub in this tiny village. And we had one of our best meals in this very remote part of the Inner Hebrides.

Next we stopped at the Ardanalish Isle of Mull Weavers. We spent a little time watching the weaving process in action on a loom that is around 60 years old. The loom dating back to 1924 is also still used. They claim that they have better control over the quality of the fabric that they weave. And it most definitely shows. It was rather difficult to not want to buy a good few yards of fabric.

We had spent the best part of the day driving around the Southern part of Mull, and were beginning to think that Mull is just not quite as beautiful as other parts of Scotland. But we persevered, and set about driving around the Northern part of Mull.

Just when you think that you have probably seen the best of Scotland, it decides to give you a little more. Apart from all the Highland coo’s that we encountered along the way, the views were once again just so very spectacular. Rain or no rain. Mull had redeemed itself. It’s just stunningly beautiful.

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