Someone told me long ago

Someone told me long ago
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31 August 2019

It’s Scotland. It’s raining. A good day to take it slow, maybe. So we figured, at some point, we would just take a drive, and see what we can, without getting too wet…

The Orkney islands have a very long history, with some of its historic sites going back to around 3000 BC. Just North of Kirkwall, two stone-built houses, the Knap o’ Howar, date back to around 3600 BC. They are said to have been occupied by Neolithic farmers for at least 5 centuries. Likewise, the Standing stones o’ Stenness and the Ring of Brodgar dates back to around 3000BC and 2600BC respectively. Of the estimated twelve standing stones that may originally have been erected at the Standing Stones o’ Stenness, only three rather impressive stones remain today at a height of about 6 meters each, whilst, of the estimated 60 smaller stones that may have been erected originally at the Ring of Brodgar, only 27 remain today. Both these sites are classified as henges. No-one really knows exactly what these ‘henges’ were used for, but based on the constructions of ditches and banks around them, it is thought that they may have been ceremonial or ritual monuments.

We did manage to see the two henges. And some very impressive coastline. And we were happy to not wander around any further historical sights in the rain. In stead, we figured that a good steak would do as just perfectly. And best we cook it ourselves rather. Nothing like a good steak to end off a rainy day in Scotland.

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