Took a drink beside the Spey

Took a drink beside the Spey

28 August 2019

A day in the Scottish Highlands. Where to go. It’s rather overwhelming, really. But we are close to the Spey valley, which means… whisky. Oh, and be sure to spell that without the ‘e’. We don’t want to be talking about the Irish version of whiskey, when we are referring to good old Scottish whisky.

We set our sights on two distilleries. The plan was to just pop in, see what they have, and whatever else we might spot along the way. We ended up doing the tour at Glen Moray, with a tasting of two of their whiskies, as well as the whisky you would be getting if you were to fill your own bottle. ‘Normal’ whisky sold by distillers have an alcohol content of around 40%, which is usually a lot less than the content of the whiskey that comes out of the cask. That might be closer to 57%, and higher (if you’re lucky). But really, to an ignorant drinker like me, that is just silly.

We did learn a few things today. Like – the copper pot stills that the whisky is distilled in, gradually loses the copper on the inside. At some point, they then need to be replaced. But it is not just as simple as getting a new one. The shape of the pot still has a great deal to do with the ultimate taste of the whisky. Which is fine if you don’t mind making unique whiskies. But if you are making a fairly commercial brand of whisky, your clients might get upset if the taste of the whisky suddenly changes, so best you make sure that your new pot still is EXACTLY the same shape as your old ones.

In short – for something that is made of only 4 ingredients, really, there are a great deal of things that can influence the taste of the final product.

As for the areas that we drove through today – beautiful. Again, we chose to not view it through a camera lens.


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