It just keeps getting better

It just keeps getting better
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29 August 2019

Nope – we are not quite far enough North. We are ultimately trying to get to the Orkney islands, but we figured that having to try figure out ferries after a day’s drive, might be too daunting, so we are heading for Thurso, or Brough really, on the Northern coast of Scotland.

The plan was to just drive up on the A9, and maybe stop off at a spot or two, if it looks interesting.

I should sidebar a little. To me, there were two parts of Scotland that I really did want to see. The one was Edinburgh. The other was the North-West coast. But in trying to fit everything in, but not end up having to drive excessive long bits on any given day, I decided to sacrifice the North-West for the Isle of Mull. So when Niel decided today that we should head West to Ullapool, and then try and see some of the West coast, I was ecstatic, to say the least.

The drive to Ullapool was fairly easy. And already we could see that we were in for something very special today. We stopped at an information centre in Ullapool, which turned out to be another great move. You could drive up the West coast, but skip doing the various ‘peninsula’s’, and still see a great deal, I guess. But the guy at the information centre suggested that we head of the bigger route and drive through Achmelvich, Stoer, Clachnessie and Drumbeg.


I had so many favourite spots today. Ardmair, Drumrunie, Clachnessie, Durness, Drumbeg, the entire North-West of Scotland.

The only thing left to say is – we eventually arrived at our accommodation feeling like we cheated the world a little, having seen so much beauty in one day. More people should be allowed to see what we saw today.

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