And they all play on the golf course

And they all play on the golf course
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26 August 2019

If you find yourself in the coastal village called St Andrews on one of the very few sunny days of the year, you might decide to go to the beach a little. You might find a nice parking spot in town, and head across a rather large grass patch to the beach. Except for one thing. You should make sure that some person with, what some call, a club, is not about to hit a small white ball with said club.

Yep. Today was meant to be all things golf. Spend some time at St. Andrews, and then move further North to Carnoustie.

We were both astounded at just how close The Old Course at St. Andrews is in proximity to the town. In fact, it’s really IN the town. You can walk out of a shop, across a narrow street, and onto the 18th green. Or onto the very famous Swilcan bridge. And there is a path that cuts across the 18th hole’s fairway. So if you were on your way to the beach, you would simply just quickly check if some avid golfer is not about to tee off, trying to make a last good impression on the many tourists wandering around, and then, preferably quickly, cross the fairway. But this is the absolute place to be for golfers, so I eventually found a bench (in the shade – it was actually sunny!), and let the golfer do what golfers would want to do in St. Andrews.

Before we headed further North, we stopped at the ruins of the 12th century St. Andrews Cathedral and castle. Built in 1158, it was the centre of the Catholic church in Scotland. But in the 16th century, during the Scottish Reformation, the cathedral fell into disuse and ruin.

And finally, Carnoustie. And I figured that the golfer in our party would probably enjoy waking up to the view of the golf course.

I was promised that tomorrow I could pick our activities. 😉

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  1. Do you know that Chariots of Fire was filmed on that beach?

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