A-chasing the deer

A-chasing the deer
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27 August 2019

The Scottish Highlands! Heilan coos, hopefully! And maybe some other animals. I’m excited.

We headed North into the Cairngorms National Park – the largest national park in the British isles. It has the Cairngorms mountains at the heart of it, with some other ranges added for good measure. The A9 runs through it, which makes travelling mostly a breeze. And it’s really rather exquisite. But I had one specific place in mind. The Scottish Highlands Wildlife Park.

Unlike the Edinburgh Zoo, the Highlands Wildlife Park was such a pleasure to be in. It contains both a walking and self-drive route, with lots to see on both. They even have polar bears, and even though I always feel that there should at least be snow when you see a polar bear, it was awesome to see the mother and son being as lazy as polar bears usually are. The male polar bears are kept in a different camp, and are massive, but were a bit more elusive. We were told that the female polar bear will only come into season when she has no more cubs with her. The male polar bears usually will have none of that nonsense, so might just go around killing the cubs, to ensure their natural pleasures aren’t messed with. And just for the record. a polar bear’s skin is actually black. And the hair is actually see-through. It’s a bit like taking a piece of clear plastic, and rolling it into a tube.

Polar Bear
Polar Bear
Musk Ox
Snow Leopard
White-lipped Deer
Bukhara Deer
Arctic Fox
European Bison

We just had so much fun today looking at all the animals. We didn’t manage to see the heilan coo, but we will….

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