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24 November 2011

It’s amazing how happily we tend to settle into our comfort zones. And how vast we perceive anything outside it.

Preparing for a two week holiday takes way more energy than you could ever bargain for. Time is tight, so you want to try and make sure that you don’t waste any time getting lost, or dealing with administrivia, and the like. And so I have spent many months researching, searching, googling, reading. Have I got everything planned down to a T? The answer would have to be…… nope.

So here is what we do have, just so you have some idea of what is in stall….

Firstly, as far as timing goes, this was the best time, considering the busy schedules we all seem to so willingly maintain. Would I choose a different time, if I had the option? Not really. Perhaps a week or so later, to give their winter (and snow!) time to settle in just a little more than it is at this stage. But we deliberately wanted cold, very little sunlight, and hopefully lots of snow. The itinerary then:

Fri. 25 Nov. Paris
Sat. 26 Nov. London
Sun. 27 Nov. London
Mon. 28 Nov. London
Tue. 29 Nov. Tromso
Wed. 30 Nov. Tromso
Thu. 1 Dec. Tromso
Fri. 2 Dec. Tromso
Sat. 3 Dec. Oslo
Sun. 4 Dec. Orsa
Mon. 5 Dec. Munich
Tue. 6 Dec. Heidelberg
Wed. 7 Dec. Vézelay
Thu. 8 Dec. Paris
Fri. 9 Dec. Home

Quite a whirlwind in places. There are, however, some very good reasons that support this seemingly crazy trip. In two weeks, we hope to see the beauty of Paris, the vibrant life in London, Aurora Borealis and snow in Tromso, polar bears in Orsa, the Red Hot Chili Peppers in Munich, a Christmas Market in Heidelburg, and a beautiful hilltop town, Vézelay.

And so the big day arrived. Frantic last-minute stuff needed to get done. And the usual panic set in. My suitcase is too small! Have I forgotten something? What if something goes wrong? Have I forgotten something? What if we get lost somewhere? Have I forgotten something? Seriously!?! This pursued until I forced myself to step back a little, and just think for a little while. Sure, things will be a little different, but hey, Parisians, or Londoners, or Troms…. uhm…. people from Tromso, are really all just normal people like us. They have no superpowers to be able to live where they do. The worst it could possibly get, is a little different to our little comfort zone. So no, we don’t quite know how we will find our way from Oslo to Orsa. We have no idea whether we will be able to see everything we should see in Paris. But hey – we’ll just wing it, like so many other peole do. In stead of overthinking things, we’ll rather just have fun, and experience the difference that is the Northern Hemisphere.

The first of three flights that will ultimately get us to Paris, is almost over. Everyone is still rather reserved (except for one quick inflight photo..) As if we’re waiting for Leon Schuster to jump out from behind a bush somewhere. I suspect this might change soon…..

I do admire people who just naturally take things as they come. It requires a little more effort, for me. But I’m working on it…. 🙂

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