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26 November 2011

Mental note – when booking a hotel, make sure you use Google street view to make very sure what kind of shops or businesses are in the vicinity. I did actually, and did spot one shop that looked slightly suspect. In fact, there were several rather seedy places near our hotel, which meant rather loud music throughout the night, accompanied by rowdy shrieks, depending on how well the resident ladies performed. It’s probably a good thing that we were so very tired, so were not really too bothered by this.

We left Paris on the Eurostar train. Quite an amazing experience being able to get from Paris to London in under three hours. Not to mention the fact that part of that journey involves an underground tunnel under the English channel!

I suspect many Londoners just hated their Saturday. The St Pancras train station had to be evacuated for some reason. Of course four rather bewildered South Africans were caught up in all of this. So suddenly, our perfect plan to get ourselves to the hotel, fell flat rather spectacularly. We were still in the process of trying to figure out what bus to take then, when a rather friendly looking dude in a London taxi happened to pass us, indicating that he would happily fit said four bewildered South Africans. It was an added blessing that we did not have to schlepp our suitcases through the underground!

Our only real plan for today was a show that we were booked for. The Accomplice is just such a great experience. You have no idea where the show actually takes place, until a day before, when they send you an email, telling you where to meet them, and to be sure not to be late. You are then given a bunch of clues that you have to solve, in order to solve some mystery. This takes you on a walking tour through some very interesting parts of London. I could go on for some time, but will settle for one word. Awesome! Apart from the fun we had, we saw parts of London that we would not have even given a second thought. So, after the successful completion of Mission Z, we ended up going back to the Green Market for an awesome late lunch.

We all agree. London has a lot more spirit than Paris. Even so, we opted for an early night, with the hope that sore feet will recover a little, a litle washing might get done, travel notes (and blogs) will get done, and some much needed sleep might be achieved.

London Baby!!

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